Lake County, IL Property Tax Consultants        Helping Homeowners Save Money on Property Taxes

Are you paying too much in property taxes? We CAN lower your taxes!  

Lake County, IL Homes are, on average, over-assessed by more than  $40,000.  

(Data from several sources including, Lake County Assessor, and

The average Lake County, IL Homeowner can SAVE UP TO $1200.00  in the first year after

retaining Golden Lake Homes, LLC to review your taxes.  


If you could save $1200.00 on property taxes, would you spend $250.00 to find out?   

We offer a risk-free guarantee! 
  Read Below for more information!

NO HYPE - JUST FACTS.   Since the real estate crash of 2006, home values have declined nationally more than 40%.  In Lake County, home values have declined more than 46%.  The Lake County Assessor is eager to raise your taxes when property values rise (they can generate more tax revenue).  But when values decline, you're stuck paying taxes on assessed values that do not reflect market value of your home.   What's worse, the Tax Rate for Lake County Townships increased by 8% to 23% countywide for tax year 2012. You can be sure your Tax rate will be increasing in 2013.

We know how to effectively have each Township Assessor reduce your assessed value to reflect the CURRENT market value of your home, and, in effect reduce your property taxes.  

Contact us for a free, risk-free review of your property taxes.  Just submit your name, property address and contact information.  We will evaluate your home's assessed value compared to similar homes in your area.  If we believe we can help you lower your assessed value and lower your property taxes, we will send you an e-mail with an estimate on how much we can save based on current tax rates.  We offer a 
100% money back guarantee that we will reduce your assessed value by at least six percent.  Our fee is $250.00 plus sales tax. 

Lake County Township Assessors are preparing their 2013 Assessments now and will soon be closing their books.  Several Townships have closed their books as of today.  All Townships will be closing their books and sending assessment notices in the next few weeks.  After the filing deadline, you cannot challenge your assessment until next year! 

Don't miss your filing dealine! Check Township Filing Dates Here! 

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